Wow!!!!!! This is an epic part released online today from Demolition. Dennis Enarson has a bar, tires and cranks coming out this year and along with his Haro SDv2 frame he shows you right here that if it’s good enough for Dennis, it’s good enough for absolutely anyone.

Dennis collectively kills street, park and dirt better than anyone. Easily the best all around rider in BMX today.

This goes for 12 minutes. Really a solid 6, but you’ll be watching it a second time for sure to comprehend all the stuff Dennis gets done. You’re the man D.

Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal


Dustin’s is unreal



We’re so glad Scotland’s Alex Donnachie is on Vans. Each of his video’s is a must watch and this one from Cypress in the Mediterranean delivers the usual super tech goods.

Just three weeks ago his Tel Aviv part dropped as well if you want to see more of Alex D!

Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.
Additional filming by Sam Jones


Cody Bowers on Flickr.

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